Reed's Woodworking

Robo Hippy: Working with weapons of mass destruction & other wood turning tips.


Reed Gray is available for workshops and woodturning demonstrations. Please contact him at for more information as well as workshop fee schedule.


Woodturning Demonstrations Topics:

The Finish Cut: This has evolved around the theme of 'No one likes to sand', what do we do to reduce the amount of sanding required before finishing? There are 3 main focus points.

  • First point is sharpening. If you cannot effectively sharpen, it does not make any difference what you do with your tools, they will not cut clean. What is covered in demo: grinding wheels, tool profiles (both gouges and scrapers), jig sharpening, free hand and platform sharpening. 
  • Second point is 'Presenting the tool to the wood', which covers how to stick a sharp tool into a piece of spinning wood so that it cuts cleanly, avoiding catches, and standing out of the line of fire.
  • Third point is 'Learning to move with the tool' which covers how to control your cuts so you get a smooth even surface effectively getting rid of bumps and humps.

Bowl Coring: I own and use all three bowl coring systems, The McNaughton/Kelton, The Oneway and the Woodcut and can present a tool review of each brand, how to set them up, and how to core with each system.

Threaded Boxes: I use the Klein jig for threaded boxes. Other threading jigs are very similar. Demo includes: waste blocks, cutting the threads. and lining up the grain. I can also include friction fit boxes.

Fun with Baseball Blanks: These are available from several sources. They are about 3 inch diameter, and 36 plus inches long. Projects include rolling pine; standard, straight cylinder, and French/pastry type pins. Also, spinning tops, pencil cups, boxes, Irish potato masher/carver's mallet/fish whacker. 

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‘The bowl rests do not fit the Grizzly lathes which require an 8 inch post.

The bowl rests do not fit the Grizzly lathes which require an 8 inch post.