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Robo Hippy: Working with weapons of mass destruction & other wood turning tips.



Hi I am Reed Gray, aka robohippy. 


I started a wood shop about 1993 in Eugene Oregon. I bought my first lathe a few years later, and that was the best Christmas present I ever bought myself. I love turning as much as I do teaching and mentoring. I do this semi professionally, which means I can support my habit, and pay some bills, but not enough to live off it. I am active on a number of wood turning forums, and am a charter member of the Beaver State Woodturners, as well as a member of the Willamette Valley Woodturners, and the Umpqua Woodturners. I am a mentor for all 3 clubs.

I have one instructional video out, Bowl Coring With the McNaughton. I have another in the works, Weapons of Mass Destruction for Bowl Turning and How to Use Them, which will be a 3 disc set. One on tool use and general bowl turning, one on sharpening, and one on various bowl projects. I also have a grinder tool rest, that was recently released and continues to become popular for its ease of use, designed for platform sharpening, with adjustable angle settings.

I prefer to turn green to final thickness, and let them dry and warp before sanding and finishing.

SHIPPING Costs vary from country to country

One or More Robo Rests Priority Mail Shipping within the United States Flat Rate: $10 per order

Priority Mail Shipping to UK, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand Flat Rate: $35 per item

Priority Mail Shipping to Canada Flat Rate: $15 per order

NOTE: In order to keep Robo Rest prices down, sorry WE DO NOT WHOLESALE at all.  We can add multiple Robo Rests into one box for a flat shipping fee.


‘The bowl rests do not fit the Grizzly lathes which require an 8 inch post.

The bowl rests do not fit the Grizzly lathes which require an 8 inch post.